Herbal Formulation

The herbal formulations at Anatu Herbals are on the basis of the classical Ayurvedic texts. We have a team of botanists and Ayurvedic experts at our center who refer to these Ayurvedic texts and select suitable herbs for further process.

There are active markers present in the herbs which are the main component responsible for the therapeutic property. Our team studies the seasonal and geographical variations of marker present in these herbs. The profiling is established on the basis of different seasons and geographical locations to maintain good quality and standards. The herbs are cultivated under the supervision of the trained botanists and agricultural scientists in order to maintain the quality of the herbs. Then as per the internal specifications laid out by our scientists. Herbs are passed through strict quality checks.

To check the drug efficiency, the extract from the herbs are initially tested on the disease models of the cell. Once confirmed, these are tested for humans by undergoing various laboratory test. These are then extracted into desired dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, etc. suitable for human consumption.