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Know What Anxiety Is and How These 5 Herbs for Anxiety Can Help

Anxiety has come up as an unfortunate disorder spreading too fast in people of all age groups. However, you cannot call it a physical disorder because it relates to your mind. Anyway, you can even cure it with natural herbs for anxiety and a bit of positive change to your everyday life.

“Anxiety is how your mind response to incoming stress. It is kind of fear or uneasiness for what going to happen. It expresses the instability of your senses.”

Activities like the first day of school, going for a job interview or giving a speech can make anyone feel feared and nervous. However, when it is common for you in your everyday life, it is something you need to concern about.

It is more likely to be Anxiety!

Anyway, there is nothing to worry if you diagnose its symptoms and start with appropriate treatment, but if you did not, it might be serious. Shifting to a new environment can cause you anxiety and that is common. However, if you always feel the same even after being used to that place, it indicates a symptom of anxiety disorder.

Types of Anxiety

Anxiety disorder

Anxiety is not the same all the time. Many things can cause anxiety and that is why they are all separate. In Anxiety, people have different problems not only uneasiness and fear but stress, headache, and unconsciousness as well. It is somewhat serious when someone’s anxiety reaches that far.

  1. Panic disorder: It is when a person experiences several panic attacks at any time. These attacks come suddenly and cause fear. The panic disorder happens because of the stress and surrounding unpleasant situations.
  2. Social anxiety disorder: This happens when a person fears of joining the social gathering and being judged by the people around. The person who is introvert will always find himself or herself to be affected by a social anxiety disorder.
  3. Phobia: It is when a person fears extremely of any object, activity, or situation. This happens when you have been through some trauma or accident in the past or when you fear something.
  4. Obsessive-compulsive disorder: In this disorder, the person starts behaving illogical or unreasonable and keeps doing such things often. These acts look irregular and can even be dangerous for that person.
  5. Separation anxiety disorder: The diseased person tries to keep away from their loved ones and relatives. It is a somewhat introvert type of personality. Having this kind of nature can cause depression because that person will not have anyone to share his or her circumstances or problems.
  6. Illness anxiety disorder: This is a situation when a person feels uneasy for his or her health. It is a phobia, which stops you enjoying your moment and makes you over conscious about your health.

How does Anxiety happen?

There are many reasons that can cause you Anxiety. It can be because of either genetic or environmental factors including mind state.

When you are stressed or scared, you are more likely to be affected by Anxiety. It is very natural that you feel like this because everyone does. However, whether it becomes a regular issue to you, it is clearly a symptom of Anxiety.

People diseased with Anxiety have a past relating to some act or incident that scares them or makes them uneasy. In most cases, fearing of something like a social gathering or professional meetings cause Anxiety or sometimes it is because of your phobia.

If you are the one having an Anxiety disorder, must have a past associated with some act that was odd and fearing for you. Well, bringing some changes to your everyday life and fighting back your fear can lead you to a positive response in this disorder.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Every disorder is associated with some symptoms and understanding these symptoms can help you initiate an early treatment to get rid of this annoying disorder.

When any person experiences any of these symptoms, should take it serious and look for a reliable treatment like medicines, herbs or change in lifestyle. Once started with treatment should continue until the effect of anxiety is gone and change the treatment if it does not.

  • Increased heart rate: When you experience your heartbeats suddenly started increasing because of the happening of some incident or some act that makes you uneasy.
  • Quick breathing: Same as the above, when you suddenly experience quick breathing because of some incident that makes you scared and uneasy. And you cannot control it even by relaxing yourself.
  • Insensible concentration: This symptom is a bit tough to understand because lack of concentration can even happen when you are normal because of some stress or worry. But, when it becomes too consistent, it is probably a symptom of anxiety.
  • Toughness to fall asleep: When you often find it difficult to go asleep even after when you wish to sleep. You may also feel scared and uncomfortable on the bed.
  • Nightmares or panic attacks: Nightmare and panic attack clearly indicate that you are undergoing anxiety. When you regularly go through nightmares or panic attacks, it is clear that you are diseased with serious anxiety.

What is Anxiety Attack?

Anxiety attack is the situation when you experience too much fear, uneasiness, stress, or apprehension. In such a moment, you cannot even control it in any way. These attacks will not be that serious in the beginning but they will keep increasing and cause you some serious problems.

There are some indications to know whether you are having an Anxiety Attack or not.

  1. Dizziness
  2. Having a short breath
  3. Feel dried mouth
  4. Sweating
  5. Apprehension and worry
  6. Stress
  7. Fear
  8. Nervousness

If you find any one of these indications in your case, you must relax and find a solution that controls your anxiety instantly.

How can you diagnose Anxiety?

Well, it is not that simple to diagnose anxiety. To diagnose, you will need to give physical examinations, go through psychological questionnaires, and get mental health evaluated.

If you feel someone in your circle or you yourself are undergoing Anxiety and want to diagnose it you better consult a doctor.

How do you avoid Anxiety?

If you are worried that Anxiety may also affect you and so want to avoid it, you can adopt a few changes in your everyday life.

Change your lifestyle

Be it any disease, when you change your lifestyle to a positive extent, you will get benefitted. The same way, when you change your lifestyle in case of Anxiety it affects this disorder as well, in a positive way.

Waking up early, going for jogging, trying laugh therapy and even exercising can help you reduce stress and uneasiness caused by Anxiety.

Get enough sleep

Anxiety can also happen because of your tiredness that is caused by improper sleep. When you have a good sleep of more than 8 hours, you ultimately get your stress decreased. It is helpful for curing problems associated with anxiety.

Perform meditation

As we all know, meditation is known for its incredible effectiveness in one’s mind and body. Meditation relaxes your mind and body hence stops negative vibes surrounding your mind.

Have healthy food

Healthy food also plays a vital role in anyone’s life whether it is physical or psychological. Healthy, protein-rich food brings energy and kinkiness in the body. If you adopt the habit of eating good food, you will see the change in yourself quite soon.

If will be better if you get rid of alcohol, cigarettes or any kind of intoxicating products. Because these products cause serious damage to the brain cells that may lead you to Anxiety.

Herbs to treat Anxiety

As we all know, natural herbs are well rated for their quality to quickly and effectively treat any disease, especially psychological ones.

So many herbs available are used for different treatment purposes. Some for bone density, testosterone, blood pressure and some for skin-related issues. Herbs are full with the quality to treat any kind of disease and stop its repetition or recurrence.

Here, we have come up with some herbs that help treat anxiety and almost eradicate the effect of them from one’s mind.

When we talk about herbs, it is important to know that these amazing natural herbs do not have any kind of side effects unless you overdose. Taking herbs for any treatment in a specific amount is good so try keeping the balance.

Let’s see!


ashwagandha for anxiety

Ashwagandha is an ancient herb mostly used to boost the immune system. This herb helps in balancing the blood pressure and keeps the brain calm. When someone is suffering from anxiety, this herb is worth a try because its mind-calming property reduces fear or uneasiness.

You should be trying this herb when you get aware of that you are undergoing anxiety because it is quite effective in treating such disease. You can even buy Ashwagandha extract powder and experience the positive changes in yourself very soon.

Ashwagandha has the power to relive the stress hence reduce anxiety. The property of Ashwagandha, Withania somnifera is proven to relieve hypertension and headache very quickly. Taking Ashwagandha extract every night before going to sleep will enhance your muscle and brain strength as well.


turmeric for anxiety

Turmeric is known for its great use not just in the kitchen but also as an amazing herb. This herb works as a skincare product and can even help prevent cancer. This drug has some properties that make this drug capable of stimulating your senses.

This stimulation of senses helps in avoiding your anxiety by lifting up your mood and fades away the negative thoughts in your mind.


moringa for anxiety

Moringa is a famous herb used to treat anemia, joint pain, sugar, asthma, and heart-related problems. This herb is also used to provide a balanced blood pressure rate and healthy body. It leads to decreasing anxiety and panic attacks.

As already mentioned, moringa is being used by people to maintain the balance and fitness of your body. This consistency helps in reducing the effect of anxiety yourself, Sometimes, researches also proved that moringa extract helps in treating testosterone levels that help you stay kicky.


bacopa for anxiety

Bacopa is popular for its quality to improve memory and concentration. These qualities also help in reducing anxiety and let you overrule the negative thoughts coming to your mind. Any herb has a single main property but it has the ultimate quality to cure different diseases at the same time. Bacopa extract is not only the treatment to improve memory but it also helps in making your will power strong to tackle fear and uneasiness caused by anxiety.

Kava kava

kava kava for anxiety

If you will ask some expert what is the best herb to treat anxiety? They will surely suggest kava kava. Because the property kava kava is made of directly relive the stress and fade anxiety away.

Kava kava is also good when you want a good sleep but cannot get it because of your anxiety. This drug’s property stimulates your senses and pushes you for a good sleep.


We have finally discussed what the problem of anxiety is and how you can cure it using natural herbs. It is your turn to try these herbs out and see the changing you.

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