Holy Basil Extract

Holy Basil which is also commonly known as tulsi or Ocimum tenuiflorum is a native to the subcontinents of India and is spread widely as a plant which is cultivated throughout the tropics of South Asia. This plant is primarily used for traditional or religious purposes by the Asian people. It is one the popular ingredient wanted each and everyone due to its massive uses. The roots of Holy basil are widely used in cooking. These plants are generally gathered some are used for seasons and the other for consumption. It has been widely used as an Ayurveda or herbal medicine. It is also considered as a very sacred plant by the Hindu community and is often used during Hindu shrines.

This extract is known for various uses such as fighting depression, anxiety, and stress, preventing diabetes and the common cold, etc. It has proven to be used as a medicinal herb, and there is strong evidence for the same.