Turmeric Extract

Turmeric which is also known as Curcuma Long Turmeric extract is a part of the ginger family which is a flowering plant. It is one the popular ingredient due to its massive uses among users. The roots of turmeric are widely used in cooking. This plant is very native in the Southeast Asian region. These plants are generally gathered some are used for seasons and the other for consumption. It has been used as ayurvedic medicine, where it is called as Haridra.

Turmeric extract is known for various uses such as weight loss, skin care, cancer prevention, etc. It has proven to be used as a medicinal herb, and there is strong evidence for the same.

Other benefits include:

  • Natural anti-inflammatory *
  • High in antioxidants: supports cell health*
  • Supports healthy joints & brain function*
  • Boosts immune system & anti-aging*
  • Helps digestive system & cardiovascular health *